Bible CAMP

Turn your hot summer days into cool faith-filled experiences with Saint Mary Parish Bible Camp. From boys to girls, from youngsters to tweens—there’s something inspiring for every child each summer. 

C ontent for Catholic kids
A dorable crafts, games, and snack ideas
T hemes that capture children’s imagination
H elpful, easy curriculum
O ur unique faith story in Scripture, experience, and song
L ifelong memories in the making
I nviting backdrops and group meeting areas
C atchy cheers and chants that reinforce teachings in an engaging way

This program invites children to participate in fun and faith-filled activities by offering a different theme each year. It is available to all children age preK (age 4 by Oct 1) through grade 6.  We invite high school and adult volunteers to join in the fun too!
will be held July 23-27th