mens discipleship

It’s common knowledge that men, in general, are hesitant to get involved in activities or ministries at Church.  Especially when they occur on a weekend morning - a time when they could be sleeping.  Right? 

Well, not here at St. Mary’s…
The St. Mary’s That Man Is You! (TMIY) Program just began its 2nd year, and we have 136 men registered.  Approximately 50-70 men attend on any given Saturday morning.  What’s more, the meetings begin at 6:30am. And a number of men arrive as early as 5:00am – to prepare a delicious, warm breakfast for all attendees. 
There’s no commitment to attend every week.  If you miss a meeting, you can watch the video replay we send in our weekly mails to everyone registered.  However, most men attend every opportunity they can.   

The men share a common desire to improve their relationship with Jesus, be the best Disciple … husband … father … son … brother … and friend … they can be, and become the man God intends for them to be.
Our weekly agenda is:
6:30-7:00  Breakfast & Fellowship
7:00-7:20  TMIY video
7:20-8:00  Small group discussions
based on the video
A number of our strongest supporters will admit that they were once skeptical about attending.  However, they took a “1-meeting test drive” of the program, and have been attending ever since.

Consider taking a “
1-meeting test drive” of That Man Is You.  Join us on a Saturday morning at 6:30am in the Saint Mary’s School Cafeteria.

If you have any questions, please contact us at :