St. Mary’s – Our Sister Parish – Our Lady of Assumption, Solola, Guatemala

In 2010 a subcommittee of the Stewardship Ministry held discussions about “adopting” a Sister Parish. The team worked with the Parish Twinning Program of the Americas (PTPA) to select a viable parish. The goal of PTPA is a “Mutual spiritual growth and sharing in building the Body of Christ.”
Our Lady of Assumption in Solola, Guatemala was presented to the team and three team members traveled to Guatemala to see how our parishes would interact. Our Lady of Assumption is the Cathedral for the diocese, there are numerous smaller churches in Solola and the surrounding villages. During a subsequent trip we met with parishioners from the town and the villages.

The team set four cardinal goals as our mission:
1)      Deepen cross-cultural understanding
2)      Strengthen our spirituality and experience the fullness of humanity
3)      Promote peace and social justice in the world
4)      Make a difference in our lives and that of others
To help achieve our goals we have a Parish Twinning Prayer that was shared with the parishioners in Solola and we pray for one another each month. This is Our Sister Parish Prayer that we say at Mass on the 2nd weekend of each month.

Our Sister Parish Prayer
Click here for a copy of the prayer for Our Sister Parish.